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One’s complete wellbeing is achieved when one is at a harmonious equilibrium of body and emotions. This is the founding concept of JL that has captured the essence of wellbeing. Over 45 years of continuous research & development of its methodology & products, JL stand tall of being the pioneer in promoting the restoration of this equilibrium.

The originality of JL methods is in complete harmony with the thinking of Chinese medicine and that is a systematic analysis of the appearance & colour of complexion or the skin of the face reflecting the health of body organs & the relationship within.

Coupled with the Chinese energy therapy and the great energy & virtues of essential oils, JL has achieved great success & recognition as a superior branding that combined the best of the East & the West.

5 elements

France, the birth place of JL has seen phenomenon evolution. More than 30 beauty institutes have adopted the JL methods & products. At the international front, JL has made her presence in many countries spanning from Europe to Eastern Europe & across Asia. This is especially seen In Japan, where Josaine Laure Training School and dedicated store were established in Tokyo in 2015.


The JL soothing & healing experience is nothing less than perfect for spa & wellness destinations. It offers a complete range of treatments & products for the hair, face & body.

face treatment
  • Aroma Lift Face Treatment / Soin Aroma Lift Visage
  • Aroma Anti-Aging Face Treatment / Soin Aroma Anti-Âge Visage
body treatment
machine treatment
  • Aroma Flash Slimming Treatment with 11 Essential Oils / Soin Aroma Flash Minceur aux 11 Huiles Essentielles
  • Aroma Bust Treatment / Soin Aroma Bust
  • Aroma Slim Treatment / Soin Aroma Slim
  • Total Body Detox Treatment / Soin Detox Aroma Total Body
  • Cold wrap Light Legs Treatment / Soin Jambes Légères Enveloppement à Froid
  • Reflexology / Soin Du Pied - Réflexologie Plantaire
hair treatment
  • Essential Oils Hair Treatment / Aux Huiles Essentielles
  • Puisaye Forterre Clays Hair Treatment / Aux Argiles de Puisaye-Forterre
  • Refreshing Detox Hair Treatment / Detox - Rafraichissant
  • Face & Hair Treatment / Visage et Cheveux

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